Nuova Parati, supplier of excellence to the building trade

Nuova Parati è azienda leader nel mercato dell'arredamento, intervista al titolare Adriano Covarino
Adriano Covarino

Nuova Parati Perugia is a leading company in the market. Interview with owner Adriano Covarino. What is the secret of your success? “Professionalism, service, courtesy and quality.”

The excellence of a company can be due to many things: quality products, professional service, courtesy with customers, delivery reliability. At Nuova Parati in Via Settevalli in Perugia, these features are all there. For the past 35 years, or rather ever since Adriano Covarino founded the company, whoever comes to buy what they need to perfect their home, or office, finds a friendly environment and highly qualified people ready to give helpful advice.

Adriano Covarino La Nuova Parati Perugia
Adriano Covarino

You have been in the market for many years. How have you achieved such success while continuing to ensure the highest quality to customers?

Above all by what we sell. We only source from the best companies in the industry and as a result our customers get the best the market has to offer. We find everything they need for their interiors: plaster, glues and adhesives, insulation, doors, curtains, flooring, paints, cladding, window frames, stairs, tools, and furniture – all very high quality. Take paint, for example: the paints that we sell in our showrooms have a vibrancy and durability that you won’t find in other products, and the choice is virtually endless – we have a range of over 10,000 colours.

Allestimento di interni La Nuova Parati di Perugia
Adriano Covarino

What makes you one of the sector’s leaders?

The service we offer. The client receives assistance and guidance right from the beginning of the job and, in cases where the work involved is greater, we provide our own surveyor, who goes to the customer’s home and together they work out the best solution.

What do you charge for this service?

We offer this consultation service totally free of charge, advising the client so that they are able to make the best-informed decision, especially regarding materials.

What else can customers expect when they enter your store?

La Nuova Parati è un'azienda leader per quanto inerente la rifinitura di interni
Adriano Covarino

Aside from quality which we spoke about earlier, we offer the true professionalism of all the people who work for our company. We train up all our employees to be the best they can be, and they’re always up-to-date on all the new products in the marketplace: customers need to be guided in their choices as carefully as possible. We feel we have a responsibility towards those who choose us, and so we try to advise them in a transparent manner. I think this is the most important obligation on the part of anyone selling any kind of service.

Speaking of transparency, how exactly do you deal with those who ask you for advice?

We always go for the utmost clarity. We guarantee our customers a quality product and stick to the price stated in the quotation.

What kind of clients do you have? Are they only private individuals?

Absolutely not, alongside these there are the many different professionals (painter decorators, construction companies, public sector organisations, architects, engineers, surveyors, interior designers) who buy supplies from our shop knowing that using our products they’ll be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

What kind of retailer are you?

Adriano Covarino Nuova Parati
Adriano Covarino

We are a large local retailer, unlike the many large retail chains that sell similar products to ours. This means that we are a big company but still strongly rooted in the local area and we strive to build a relationship of trust with every single customer.

How have your typical customers changed over the years?

They are much better prepared. They used to know much less, with the exception of those who did certain jobs, of course. Nowadays they have more opportunity to find out and understand exactly what they need. They come in with a much clearer idea of what they want, so this requires greater competence on our part and a greater attention to detail.

The property market has undergone a major decline, how have you managed to cope with the crisis?

By using the best weapons that have actually always been around: professionalism, service, courtesy and quality. I can’t deny that the past few years have been difficult, but our strategy to combat the crisis was to invest in the company by introducing new items in order to give the customer greater choice of innovative products.



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