Boniforti Systems, where the industrial model makes a difference

Luca Boniforti
Luca Boniforti

Luca Boniforti, owner of this company from Bergamo that has been making installations since 2010, has turned his start-up into a winning business that combines industrial imprinting with flexible know-how. Boniforti Systems is now known and respected all over the national market, with more than 200 commissions in civil, service and industrial sectors.

A range of installations from a single place that guarantees efficiency, security and comfort in the world of plant design and installation: whether it’s water treatment or an electric grid, a condensation heater or a home automation system, a hydraulic installation or a fire and smoke alarm, there’s no limit to the versatility of Boniforti Systems. The company from Bergamo is headed by Luca Boniforti and specializes in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of systems in civil, service and industrial sectors. Founded in 2010, Boniforti Systems has since become a respected name within the nation, with over 200 completed commissions in only 6 years, and is now looking to expand into the European market.

Boniforti impianti Bergamo
Luca Boniforti

How do you explain the success of your business?

Our good reputation has grown quickly and is the result of experience, organization, specialization and passion. We base all of our activities on these four principles, and in addition to providing installations we also offer accurate design and planning services, where we provide the best technical and executive solutions based on our clients’ needs, requests and expectations.

Does the company work solely within civil and residential sectors?

We are also specialised in industrial installations, and in service and hospital sectors. These are areas in which every installation is unique and distinct: there are strict normative criteria that must be respected and we are therefore required to have a very detailed planning phase that is of high quality and exceptional professionalism.

Boniforti Luca
Luca Boniforti

Planning begins with a technical evaluation of the commission, and follows on through the design process for the project, concluding with the final installation by our workers.

Do human resources make a difference?

Of course, mainly because operating flexibility within the world of installations allows and engenders the best results. In our field, 90% of the work needs to be studied and organized meticulously and precisely, with coordinating meetings to make sure that each internal office works together with the others (the technical office, the operative office, administration etc.) Internal team evaluation and empowerment are top priorities for a business that wants to be competitive. For this reason, we rely a lot on young people and their educational training.

How far does your industrial approach go toward improving your business know-how?

My professional experience in diverse business settings, and above all in a multinational energy installations company, has been fundamental in organizing our work, improving the quality of the services we offer and providing more guarantees. From our initial contact with the client at the start of the project to the final installation of the system, every step is followed in a detailed manner, to the T. We don’t just make things up as we go along. This business know-how, together with our experience, has allowed us to expand the range of our work to different types of systems and offer a wider variety of installations even as we keep costs low.

Boniforti Impiantistica
Luca Boniforti

And all these systems are installed by just one company, so…

Yes, in essence we operate as a general contractor, guaranteeing an all-inclusive deal. Thanks to constant updates and regular collaboration with technical design experts, we are also able to maintain a high level of information in specialised areas.

What type of specializations?

Our claim to fame is the conception, creation and maintenance of sanitary systems but we also work with anti-incendiary systems, thermal and electric installations, technological systems in manufacturing, and renewable energy systems including photovoltaic, geothermal and solar thermal installations.

Speaking of renewable energy, is clean energy the future?

In terms of private housing, there are a wide range of clean energy solutions available but they do cost more, although there are tax benefits that make them more financially

Impianti Boniforti
Luca Boniforti

effective in the long run. The trend right now though is for hybrid systems, which use traditional energy sources (gas and electric) as well as renewable sources (solar or wind). These installations can self-regulate by choosing the energy source that is most efficient, with an optimal cost-quality-efficiency ratio.


How important is your relationship with clients?

I believe that in today’s market it is difficult to command, but for certain industrial clients, wherever an installation is strategic, the details are what counts. For this reason, our team is always available to work with designers and business consultants to create a synergy that brings benefits to clients.

Impianti Boniforti
Luca Boniforti

And with private clients?

Our attention is completely directed towards their comfort in every way. The objective is to guarantee them maximum satisfaction in terms of the lack of noise from the systems, perfect climate control for the space and generally the best solutions that contribute to the greatest environmental well-being.

Can automated systems take over from human controls?

Remote control is useful and works well but at times is not enough because sensors and alarms can be hard to manage and difficult to understand, especially for clients who don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the systems. In such situations and for emergencies, we do offer an assistance service with repairs and interventions available 12 out of 24 hours.

Is post-sale assistance quite important then?

The assumption that we work with is that a system should never be abandoned once it’s installed, rather we should always be able to guarantee a complete level of assistance, from the start-up phase to the post-installation, including regular maintenance work. Our experience over the years has taught us that proper maintenance of systems guarantees a longer life, less electric consumption and the best functioning of the installations.



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