Carlo Livraghi, The Sense: “Natural products for strong and healthy hair. That’s how you get the perfect look”

“Looking good matters but you can’t take mess around with your hair’s health”: these are the words of Carlo Livraghi, owner and founder of The Sense, a company in Bregnano, just outside Como, that specialises in the supply of professional hair beauty products. A company led by a hair stylist and aimed at the world of hairdressers and beauty and fashion salons, whose mission is to study and offer the market innovative products dedicated to the care and health of hair.

Why The Sense?

“The Sense was founded in 2010 to cater to people’s need for constant changes in their look, especially women, and to operate a change in perspective in the world of professional beauty products. After years of experience in the world of hair styling and in my beauty salon in Bregnano, I realised that the sector was lacking in terms of product quality and that we had to find a different way to give a new direction, or rather a new “meaning” to our profession.

Which lacks are you referring to?

“In order to offer hair beauty treatments it is essential to know the products and the techniques being applied: using the wrong product can deconstruct the hair and, in time, ruin a person’s look. Hence the idea of creating a brand with a specialised line of natural-based products designed and engineered to maintain the structure of the hair without damaging it. For us at The Sense use must be aimed at the result, always respecting the ideal hair structure: of course, this is only possible with a deep knowledge and experience of the products and after a proper evaluation of the structure of the hair.

Products that pave the way for a change of method…

“Yes, and indeed we have a catalogue of about sixty products including shampoos, creams, sprays and serums that can be applied for multiple treatments, such as our Cream One, a water cream that moisturises and conveys the substances necessary to keep the hair shiny, strong and, above all, healthy and always use in conjunction with other products to achieve targeted high quality performance. Our mission is to create innovative products and add value to the profession by building a shared business success with the customer.


“By sharing a philosophy and a working method that we also present to customers with dedicated video tutorials on the YouTube channel where we explain the benefits of The Sense product line and application methods. Intuition, talent and in-depth knowledge are essential to transform professional hair into a holistic experience. It is not enough, I believe, to choose a good product: you also need a perfect application technique”.

Where did you start?

With a technical line for the colouring of all hair types. It contains natural ingredients and colours the hair while protecting it. All this with a view to maximum tailoring: we have a line of products that we apply through direct colouring and not oxidation and that allows us to obtain different shades of the same colour with a guarantee of stable and long-lasting results over time”.

How are your products created?

“We always begin with the analysis of the fashion and beauty salon requirements and offering only innovative products on the market. Sometimes it takes us up to a year to get to the perfect formula. This is an area where innovation goes hand in hand with research and technology and our goal is always to ensure a result not only in terms of look and aesthetics but especially in terms of hair health. All our products are in fact formulated to convey maximum performance without damaging the hair.

Why does hair health come first?

“The hair has a chemical structure consisting of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and proteins. Each treatment should improve performance on the hair without ruining it, with products that can restructure it. The firm point is never to recommend a preparation for which we have even a slight doubt that it could create or worsen skin diseases and damage the structure of the hair shaft.

In this context, how important is training in the sector?

“To support the need for salon innovation we have created The Sense academy: we organise training courses, even online, on new products and application techniques with qualified assistance. But there is more: our expert teachers also teach special cutting techniques, colorimetry, discolouration, perm and hair loss treatments. We use a personalised method to train hair stylists and make them always aware of the techniques and products they use.

Do you also have hair loss solutions?

“We created an innovative shampoo based on hair loss studies. It is an ideal product for those who suffer from hair loss, made with a principle that avoids suffocation of the hair and that we apply combined with serums containing active ingredients that fight the cause of the loss.

A tip to avoid “breaking” your hair at home?

“Never comb your hair with softening cream in the shower. They must be rinsed and towel-dried to remove excess water. Then spray a spray, better if “Platinum Gas” which is rich in keratin and ceramide, essential to seal the hair shaft and make them grow faster without breaking them.


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