Claudio Venturini from OMV (Officine Mecchaniche Venturini): «Simple, sturdy and customised binding machines for optimised packaging processes »

«The machine must adapt to the client, not the other way around»: these are the words of Claudio Venturini, owner of Officine Mecchaniche Venturini (Venturini Mechanics, OMV) in Brescia together with his cousin Sergio. OMV constructs and exports binding machines, materials handling systems, systems for the packaging of final products or iron, steel and brass materials that will be used for rolling and drawing, in particular for the iron and steel industry.

What kind of machines do you offer on the market?

«Ours are special machines that can be used to bind all iron and steel products, from round bars used in reinforced concrete, to packs of narrow profiles and coil spools. We are at the end of the production chain and our machines guarantee an important step – the final packaging of the materials».

Why is binding important?

«Because it represents the last and most strategic link in the production chain. If the binding is flawed, the whole production chain is compromised. Binding machines operate at an elevated speed and it is therefore essential that they are able to guarantee the continuity of the productive cycle»

How much does customisation cost?

«In addition to standard machines it is essential that we know how to create ad hoc binding machines with a design that is customised according to the client’s needs. In this way it is possible to avoid problems further down the line and to supply binding machines that can function optimally under increasingly demanding conditions».

Custom-made binding machines?

«Yes, because each business process has its own production requirements, depending also on the end use of the product. In fact the market requires specific types of binding or package sizes: in Italy, for example, strips must weigh 2,5 tonnes and be bound 7 times, while in the Middle East they must weight 2,0 tonnes and be bound 6 times. If a client operates in more than one market, he needs machines with different characteristics and types of binding depending on each specific client»

How do you manage to meet these requirements?

«It is essential that we consult with the client right from the outset so that together we can understand which product has to be bound, how quickly, at what temperature, and for which market. Basically we need to know which product will come out of the binding machine and then create a machine according to the individual production requirements».

Why are simplicity and sturdiness two key concepts?

«They represent the real advantages of binding machines. Sturdiness: because the client must be able to rely on a machine that can stand up to production stress and operate for as long as possible. Instead simplicity is an advantage in that it reduces even skilled maintenance intervention times to a minimum».

How is the market changing?

«The low cost of machines produced in emerging markets, even up to 50%, is a risk both in terms of reduced performance as well as potential damage and production shut-downs. Sometimes our clients are not experts in the area of metal rolling and so they depend on the support of a specialised company such as OMV. My advice is to never look only at the price, but to take into consideration the characteristics and performance of the machines and the availability of spare parts services and on-site technical assistance, which a company with years of experience can guarantee».

Do you think that being a family-owned company is an added value?

«Most of the players on the world market have been taken over by international groups, but we still offer a versatile and customised service: we go directly to the client to understand their needs and to plan a new machine, not a standardised one, and we offer excellent support for the optimization of continuous plant management ».

And this is why revamping is important?

«Absolutely, yes. In just a couple of months we can carry out complete and guaranteed revisions on machines that have sustained intense workloads and that require resetting and technological updates. Theoretically it remains the same machine, but it is enhanced with new performance-improving materials and mechanical components».

And then there is also the programmed maintenance

«Even though revamping reduces the risk of production shut-downs almost to zero, it is also essential to pre-emptively monitor the machine’s condition. For example, we supply binding machines with control panels which signal when it is time to change the oil and filters and to check the components. This allows the client to schedule preventive maintenance interventions and avoid that the machine needs to go in for repairs following a breakdown».

What are the benefits of this system?

«Economic and cost benefits: in fact, clients with large-scale production facilities need to know the life span of the machine and to be able to rely on rapid intervention so as to reduce the risk of production shut-downs to a minimum».

Do binding machines also have a place in the «Smart Factory»?

«Yes, binding machines can also be a part of this scenario. We are working on updating our machines to comply with the industry 4.0 regulations and to allow our Italian clients to benefit from current tax incentives such as the 250% super amortization benefit for investments in new assets, systems and technologies according to the “Industry 4.0” plan for the technological transformation of enterprises».



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Claudio Venturini from OMV (Officine Mecchaniche Venturini): «Simple, sturdy and customised binding machines for optimised packaging processes »

«The machine must adapt to the client, not the other way around»: these are the words of Claudio Venturini, owner...