The luxury experience in the boutiques of the world’s most famous fashion brands

Alberta Ferretti, Armani, Twin Set, Moschino, Max Mara, Etro, Valentino, Pinko, Krizia, Kenzo, Brooks Brothers. All of the above names are associated with Tecnoshops, the “Contract Designer” that “dresses” the boutiques of the world’s most famous fashion brands 

Denis Giovanelli - Tecnoshops“Rather than ‘Contract Designer’, I prefer the term ‘Luxury Custom Creator’.”

Please explain.

“The Contract is our world, but it’s our way of operating that distinguishes us. We design and create customised exhibition spaces which ‘communicate’ the unique value of the brand, and to do that we must be the first to ‘engage’ with the customer, involving them in all phases of the work and ensuring we get the right input from them: we educate them about what we are doing, making them an active participant in a unique experience, sharing not only our expertise but also the ‘culture of design’. In this manner, Luxury Custom Creator is a term that describes us very well.”

Communicating the “culture of design” is an ambitious mission…

“… and tiring, but ultimately it’s rewarding. If the client understands what we’re doing for him, if he is actively involved and is in tune with us, then it gives us something that we often take for granted: trust. It’s only because of that trust that the client continues to choose Tecnoshops.”

A “key in hand” that sounds like a “heart in hand.”

“Because it’s a trust that we conquer step by step, starting with the training of our managers and engineers, through communication with the customer: it’s a virtuous triangle of Education and Training of the client confidence that characterises our way of being in the ‘Contract World’.”

Translated: maximum flexibility in dealing with customers.

“Absolutely. Tecnoshops accompanies the brand in their projects in two main ways: by starting a new project in the concept of the exhibition space until its final realization; or making load of the project of the brand, only taking care of the executive parts of the business. In one way or another, we accompany the customer in what I like to call the ‘forest’, because we know the map of the path from start to finish, solving every big or small issue, be it technical, bureaucratic, customs related, logistical and so on. With Tecnoshops and its willingness to transfer the ‘design culture’, each work is a calm, extremely satisfying and positive experience without surprises.”

Denis Giovanelli - Tecnoshops Map forest ‘design culture’: all unusual terms for the Contract world.

“Yet these are the levers that make customers willingly choose Tecnoshops as opposed to us selling ourselves to them, and the more than 1,000 stores that have been established worldwide in the last 30 years are testimony to this. Our international network of Business Partners is perfectly aligned with the Tecnoshops philosophy, and as such is equipped to assist in the realization of every brand in every situation and condition. The network knows the territory of reference, is up to date with technical and design innovations, and is especially designed to always ‘communicate’ our design culture to the customer.”

Question to an industry expert: does a ‘unique’ luxury exist or are there too many representations of luxury?

“A single, common interpretation of luxury doesn’t exist. Each brand has a distinctive character in comparison to the others; a strong and original idea to communicate, a ‘personality’ that they want to pass on to customers through a way of communication that then ‘arrives’ at the destination. One of the most powerful forms of communication is the shopping experience that every consumer experiences inside the exhibition space, be it in a single store in a shopping centre or a boutique located on one of the world’s main high streets.”

And the Tecnoshops challenge is to interpret the concept of luxury according to the individual customer.

“It’s a challenge we love to experience with the customer.”


News in sight?

“It’s called ‘Amaranto’. It’s our brand dedicated to the creation of exhibition spaces within the Luxury Hospitality sector – Hotels, Boutique Hotels and Villas & Restaurant – which is one of the rapidly growing sectors in which we are already present. Here, too, we will engage in the customers ‘design culture’ that has always distinguished us.”

Giovanelli tells us about AmarantoDenis Giovanelli - Tecnoshops

The Amaranto division expresses itself by means of the high level of specific expertise in the team to achieve the dreams and goals of our customers. Amaranto is an expression of Made in Italy, that alchemy of taste, sophistication craftsmanship that only we Italians have, because it’s a part of who we are. It is vision, style and passion for beauty.


A new idea for a leading sector of Made in Italy

Amaranto is something really unique, just like our idea of hospitality: a state of mind, almost spiritual in which they enter people’s lives, their dreams, the most exciting expectations in the frame of their being. We Italians hold the secret to improve quality of life, and it is no coincidence that we are surrounded by beautiful things, expressions of art, fashion, architecture and wonderfully sweet and dreamy landscapes, unique in the world.


Luxury and beauty in hand with functionality

These standards of beauty inspires our work and guide us every day in what we think and produce for our clients: customized environments of the highest value.  For years we work closely with world-renowned architects, luxury brands, celebrities and large investment groups.  Amaranto evolves customer requirements through a clear working process, which is accurate and proven in its ability to work on face to face custom projects, no matter what level of complexity. Trusting in Amaranto means having a single point of contact that integrates large-scale housing solutions in the field of environmental restoration on an urban planning level, both in the renovation or construction of architectural complexes. Amaranto is luxury, it is tradition, creativity, discretion, and exclusivity… with a hint of seduction and eccentricity, because as Coco Chanel said: “And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity”. Amaranto for us is that and so much more!



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